Next Meeting – Friday, September 19th, 2014

The next meeting will be September 19th at 8:00pm at Christ Church on Prospect Street in Babylon.

The Guest Presenter is Mike Boland. Mike Boland has put together a fascinating and colorful show on the Long Island Rail Road. Entitled "The LIRR from 1945 to 1970...25 Years of Tumult and Change," this two Carousel show will focus on what happened to the railroad over this 25-year period. It was a time of transition and change from the end of World War Two through bankruptcy, reorganization and a plethora of other events that affected the railroad in one way or another, While not being totally inclusive, this show will be both informative and entertaining, featuring the slide photography of a number of well-known LIRR photographers who are members of our chapter and some who are not. It promises to be a great evening!

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