The New York Connecting Railroad Book

The L.I.S.T. Chapter is proud to announce that we have produced a new book about the New York Connecting Railroad. This fine book is still available for sale but supplies are limited.
The retail price is $35.95 + tax and shipping for non-members.
This book is available at the chapter meetings and directly by mail-order.
Click below for a printable mail-order form. We have only 10 copies left!


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Congratulations to authors Bill Thom and Bob Sturm for putting together this fantastic new book. The descriptive content is fascinating, and the quality of the photos is supurb. This is a must-get book if you haven’t already done so, especially if you are a fan of NY City’s railroad history and it’s development. Living in Brooklyn for 27 years basically always near the Bay Ridge branch, I am particularly fond of this stretch of track from Bay Ridge Yard up and over the Hell Gate Bridge into the Bronx. Too bad I’m too young to remember any of the NH or PRR equipment which pounded the rails up there. This book however, provides a fascinating look back into the activity on the branch. This book has it all- it covers the development, building and operation of the NYCRR with plenty of detailed maps, photos, and diagrams. (Director/Webmaster-Kevin Katta)